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5 Tips To Grow Your Plants In Pots Successfully

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5 Tips To Grow Your Plants In Pots Successfully

Do you enjoy gardening in a small space such as a porch or patio?You are probably experimenting with pots to add decoration, and try special plants or new plant combinations. Here are some tips to grow plants in pots.

1. Choose the right pot.

Whether you go for big, small, heavy or lightweight, make sure that the bottom has holes so the water can flow out freely. If there isn’t ample drainage, roots can drown and the plant will ultimately die.
Pots can be of any material, i.e., terracotta, plastic, or terracotta pots. The type of pot you choose depends on your style and budget. Visit https://amico.com.au and browse different types of pots.

2. Get the right plants.

When shopping for plants, think about where the pots will be placed. If you aspire to mix several different plants in the same planter, they should thrive in the same weather conditions. For example, plants that need sun can grow together in the same pot.

In terms of the types of plants, anything you can grow in the ground you can try in a pot. Annual summer flowers, such as petunias and marigolds, are outstanding performers in pots. Planting herbs and vegetables, such as basil or peppers in pots is convenient as they could be placed outside the kitchen door for an easy access when cooking.

3. Plant.

First off, fill the pot, then move larger planters to their final place, as they may be extremely heavy to move once they are already full of soil. Fill the pot with potting soil and dig a hole for the plant. Remove the plant from the nursery pot and gently tease the roots apart.

Next, set it in the soil in the planter and firm the soil surrounding it. If you didn’t add fertilizer upon filling the pot with potting soil, then you need to sprinkle some fertilizer on the surface.

If you want to plant several plants in the same pot, then be sure to arrange them first on top of the soil. If you include a tall plant, place it at the center or at the back with the shorter plants toward the front around the edges. Plant a little closer than the recommended labels. Close planting will make your pots look lively.

4. Water

Take note, roots of potted plants can’t get moisture in the earth. And although potting soil retains moisture well, keep in mind that pots tend to dry out more quickly than the ground. In hot weather you may need to water every day. Don’t just sprinkle the foliage during watering– make sure the water gets into the soil.

5. Fertilize them.

To keep your plants thriving and blooming, fertilize occasionally using a water-soluble fertilizer. Measure the fertilizer into a watering can first then fill the can with water. When using a “jet” spray from a watering nozzle, the spray will mix the fertilizer thoroughly into the water.

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