Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a truly amazing city and there are many things to do here. Bangkok is considered to be the only city in Asia which has still managed to retain its culture and tradition and its amazing hospitality. There are a number of things and places for which Bangkok is famous for and there are many things to do in the city.

Bangkok has some of the best spas in the world. Every type of massage and treatment is available here. Thai massage and spa is known all around the world. This is the best place where you can head for and pamper yourself.

Bangkok is also known as the “golfer’s paradise” all around the world. There are a number of vast golf courses and tourists from all over come for the golf championships which are conducted occasionally.

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Another main attraction of the tourists in Bangkok is feeding the fish. Near the oceanfront, tourists visit the shore to feed the fish. Also, there are a number of river bodies in the city where you can feed the fish.

Shopping is an all time favorite activity of tourists who come from different parts of the world. Bangkok is known for being the ultimate shopping destination in the world. Also, this is the best place where you can bargain to your heart’s content and get the best deals and the best stuff. Some of the amazing destinations where you can shop is the on the street walls of Sukhumvit, or the most entertaining and the most attractive night market known as the Night Plaza in Patpong. These are some of the best places where you can find great stuff.

The best way to explore the city is by cycling. Bangkok FUN Bike tour is the most amazing way to go around the city and get to know more places. Though the public mode of transport is very good but still many tourists opt to cycle and go around the city to get to see more places.

The nightlife of Bangkok is simply great. Bangkok’s Mystical Beauty at Night is an interesting tour in Bangkok to explore nightlife. There are a number of pubs and discotheques in the city and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. The city is known for its amazing entertainment and nightlife.

There are many places where you can visit in Bangkok. Some of them are known to be great historical sites and others of eminence.

Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most important and the most popular place to visit. The architecture of the palace is an attraction and is considered to be “one of the best architectural pieces”. Also, the Emerald Buddha is considered to be one of the most revered images of Buddha in the world. Also, the National Museum and the Chao Phraya River are some of the other destinations where you can visit. Do not forget to visit Chinatown which is another major tourist attraction in Bangkok.

Snake Farm is one of the most interesting places to visit in Bangkok. The snake farm is known all over the world and is known to be one of the largest producers of anti- venom serum in Asia. Here the tourists are explained how the serum is made from the venom of different venomous snakes.

Also, another must visit is the most popular Crocodile Farm in Bangkok. This is an enormous place and almost 60,000 freshwater and seawater crocodiles are housed in the area. This is also one of the major breeding grounds of the crocodiles. This place is truly a must visit.

And, lastly do not forget to visit the floating market. This market is known all over the world and from clothes, to fruits and vegetable many things are sold here. You can shop while sailing down the water.

There are many amazing things to do in Bangkok and these are some of the popular ones. Bangkok is a major tourist destination.

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