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2018 1 OZ American Gold Buffalo

First minted in 2006, the American Buffalo-more commonly known as the Gold Buffalo coin became the first ever pure .9999, 24-karat gold coin to be struck by the United States Mint and introduced to the public. Prior to the Gold Buffalo coin being struck, gold made a comeback in the United States when they minted the American Gold Eagle in 1986. If you go back even further, you will see that the United States had not made gold coins with a gold alloy content-22-karat gold, since 1837. For this and many other reasons discussed below, the American Gold Buffalo has quickly become one of the most sought after gold coins by investors and serious precious metals collectors across the globe.

Adding A Piece Of History To Your Collection

The American Gold Buffalo coin not only boasts  the highest gold content of any American minted coin, it also showcases the historically rich (Type 1) Indian Head Nickel design, originally created by James Earle Fraser in 1913.

In 1911, Fraser was commissioned to redesign the Liberty Nickel. His design is generally thought of as one of the best designed coins from the U.S. Mint to date. One side of the Gold Buffalo coin features a buffalo with the motto E Pluribus Unum above the buffalo’s back and In God We Trust on the lower corner by the buffalo’s head. On the obverse side can be found the profile of an Indian Chieftain. James Earle Fraser designed this profile by fusing the portraits of three different chiefs from three different tribes. The features of Big Tree of Kiowa, Iron Tail of the Sioux tribe, and Two Moons of Cheyenne can all be found on the American Gold Buffalo.

Investing Your American Gold Buffalo

The 1 oz American Gold Buffalo is a must have for serious collectors, as well as investors. Eligible for inclusion in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), the Gold Buffalo bullion coin can help to protect your assets from potentially tumultuous world markets. You’ll be securing your financial future when you invest in tangible assets like the American Gold Buffalo. Add this coin to your investment portfolio for the following reasons:

  • Gold Buffalos are a piece of America’s history – As mentioned above, the Gold Buffalo’s design features not one, but three well-known historical chieftains from America’s heritage.
  • Legal Tender – With a face value of $50, these coins are real legal tender and are backed by the United States Government.
  • Tangible Assets – American Gold Buffalos represent real wealth and can help you to create a diverse precious metals investment portfolio.
  • They contain one full Troy ounce of solid, .9999-fine 24-karat gold and are minted at the United States Mint in West Point, New York.

When purchasing American Gold Buffalos be sure to buy gold coins only from trusted Precious Metals Dealer to ensure you are getting the highest quality coin available. Since its inception in 2006, the American Gold Buffalo has steadily climbed and remained one of the most highly sought after coins, add this beautiful coin to your collection today!

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