Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018 – Prep Tips

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Going for almost 30 years, the Byron Bay Bluesfest has become one the top music festivals in the world. This features over 200 performers each year, including international touring acts, spread out over seven stages. The grounds here are known to be spectacular and accommodating to the many thousands in attendance each year. There are a number of food quarts, bars, market stalls, and even children’s entertainment. Although this fest started off as a strictly blues and R&B based lineup, it has now expanded to include nearly any other genre you can think of. Byron Fest consistently pulls in over a hundred thousand attendees each year. If you plan on joining them on a campervan hire trip this time around, then you are certainly in for the time of your life.

If you do plan on attending, then take the following into mind.

Choose Your Own Timeframe

The festival is spread out over five days at Easter time. But you don’t have to spend the entire five days if you don’t wish to. Passes can be had for a single day on up to five, so you will be able to determine the length of time you spend at the site.

Know Where You Are

Keep in mind that the fest is not actually located in Byron Bay. It’s actually north of Byron next to Pacific Highway. Make sure that you have the proper directions so you don’t end up in Byron looking for the festival. Even though it isn’t held in town, you will find that most travelers do stay in and around the Bay, with others spreading out to the various towns in the region. Many others choose to camp out right on the grounds, which are large enough for 6,000 campers.

Consider Staying On Site

One of the great things about camping out in the designated area is the ease that comes with having your own place to crash on the festival sight. If traveling by campervan this also means you have your own toilet and can bring more supplies than the other festival goers. When you have your own camp staked out, you can come and go from the main festival as you please.

Know Your Costs

A single adult can get a ticket for $179 each day, and the five day package can be had for $620. If you order early you can get some special deals, so make sure to book ahead of time to capitalize on these. If the price seems like a lot to you, then consider that you will have the opportunity to see literally hundreds of bands for this price plus be able to soak up the eclectic and colorful atmosphere this festival has become known for.

Camping costs will set you back $50 per night for the cheapest sites and can be up to a thousand for five nights depending on the level. Keep in mind that all of the hotels in the surrounding towns are at the absolute premium during the festival, so in many cases you will be saving money by camping out right on the grounds.

If you want a drink, beer can be had for $6 and wine for $11, and there is a wide variety of food and other merchandise on sale for varying price levels. It would be recommended to bring lots of supplies for your stay so that you won’t end up forking out too much money on food and drinks. Just make sure to check out the rules for what you can bring in on the festival’s main site.

What To Do

Of course the main attraction is the music, so make sure to check out the festival lineup and set times so that you can catch all of your favorite acts. Take note of the stages and how far apart they are so that you can get back and forth in time to see the artists you wish to check out. This festival gets very crowded, and the bigger the act then the more massive the crowd is going to be. Don’t plan on just wandering around and stumbling into acts that you like. Make a schedule that includes all the artists you want to see, taking account of set time and stage number. If there’s an act that’s particularly your favorite, then make sure to get there early before the crowds come pouring in so that you get a good space.

Preparing for the Byron Bay Bluesfest comes down to choosing where to stay, packing the proper supplies, figuring out the most affordable cost options, and putting together a schedule of all the acts on the lineup you wish to see. Other than that you can rest assured that you’re going to have a spectacular time at this legendary festival.

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