Child custody: a serious and confusing matter

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There is no fun in the separation of a family; it pains all the members even if the separation is on mutual terms of the parents. Who will keep the child/children becomes the next bigger question in the process; it is not that the parents’ love for their child/children can be less than one another. Moreover, the child is at a greater loss in this whole situation as he/she will have to live with one of the parents and only meet with the other parent after a fixed time; it also takes a toll on the child. The divorce process is ruthless and checks the emotional integrity of the individual that it sometimes makes them doubt your sanity.

There are four major questions on the basis of which, the custody of the child will be given to one of the parent and the visitation and other rights are to be decided. You will need an able and empathic lawyer to stand with you during the trial; Thornton law firm can provide you such experienced lawyers who are well versed in the intricacies of child custody litigations and help you stay with your children/child. The four questions are:

  1. With whom the child will live?
  2. Can both the parents make unanimous decisions for the child or only one parent has to do it?
  3. When and who will visit the child?
  4. Can the child along with one parent move to another place or their movement is restricted?

Now the court decides the matter only after it has obtained detailed information regarding both the parents. The court will want to know about the history of parents, their criminal records, any violent incidents in the past and then it will decide who will take care of the child primarily. In all these matters child’s age is of utmost importance as if he/she is old enough they will can choose to stay with either one of the parents. The judge can pronounce joint or sole custody depending upon the results obtained about both the parents. In joint custody both the parents will get equal rights on their child/children regardless of with whom the child will live and sole custody means that one parent can perform all the roles and responsibilities and is given all the rights.

 Lawyers at Thornton law firm are trained professionals and can give you the opportunity to obtain the custody of your child as they possess the qualities and expertise to provide you with the best solutions for your case.

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