Components required to make a meal replacement smoothies

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Smoothies are of many varieties, depending on the ingredients used to make them. There is, no specific ingredient that can be called as essential; you can put fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk and a whole lot of other things in the smoothies.

However, there are some essential things that you need so as to come up with a smoothie that is of high quality and very delicious. Here are some of the major things you need in case you want to prepare a smoothie at home:

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  1. A high-quality blender is of great significance when it comes to making delicious meal replacement smoothies. This blender is needed so that you up with one whole homogenous mixture, without any solid particles in it.
  2. Fresh fruits make 80% of the smoothies thus they are of great importance. The choice of the fruits depends on the type of smoothie you want to make and also your likings. You can come up with a strawberry-mango smoothie or avocado-banana smoothie. This doesn’t mean that the smoothie contains only the two fruits. It means that the smoothie predominantly consists of the two fruits.
  3. A sweetener is also of great importance though it is not an obligation that it should be there. A lot of people prefer to make smoothies without any sweeteners in them, but sometimes it becomes unavoidable. Sometimes, you might end up with a smoothie that is too bland or too bitter or just tastes really bad. This happens mostly with smoothies that have more vegetables and leaves in it and less percentage of fruit. You will most probably need a sweetening agent in such instances so that the smoothie becomes palatable. A sweet fruit or natural honey is the best option.
  4. The color of your smoothie is also of great importance because it portrays the major ingredients of the smoothie. Some smoothies may have some undesirable color which end up interfering with one’s appetite. So, you can choose to add beetroot or leafy greens to give your smoothie a color that doesn’t kill your appetite.

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