Do you think booking tickets online is a difficult job? Here are 5 tips in which you can book very easily

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Do you think booking tickets online is a difficult job? Such a question can only come from two types of people.

  • Those who have never booked an online ticket in their life OR
  • Those who have never tried the traditional offline route

We shall explain the reasons as we go deep into this article.

We will also discuss 5 tips using which you can book Chennai to Delhi flight tickets online easily.

The traditional way of booking tickets:

Before we go into the intricacies of booking tickets online, let us glance through the methods by which our earlier generations used to book their tickets. There were no computers during that time. There were only two ways to book tickets during those days.

  • By approaching the airline offices directly
  • By availing the services of travel agencies

Either way, it used to take a lot of time to book tickets. In the former case, you had to do the hard work of standing in the queue and waiting for your turn at the counter. There were no computers and hence there were no credit cards. You had to make the payments in cash. During those days, the flight tickets were expensive. Hence, you had to carry a lot of cash with you. Ensuring the safety of the cash was a tough task.

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The travel agencies made your job a bit easier by arranging for the tickets at your doorstep. They had employees to stand in the airline queues. Naturally, you had to pay their service charges.

Online tickets:

Everything changed with the advent of computers and the internet. Now, you have the advantage of booking tickets right from the comforts of your home. The facility of making the payment through credit cards or internet banking makes the job easier. You need not carry large amounts of cash especially if you had to book tickets for the entire family.

One has to agree that people who have never used the online route to book tickets will find it sceptical. There are people belonging to the older generation who still cannot figure out how the payments are appropriated. They will find it difficult. Nevertheless, booking tickets online is not a difficult job at all.

Let us look at 5 tips by which you can book your tickets online easily.

·         The flight search engines:

It is very easy to book tickets using the services of the flight search engines. All you have to do is to fill in the details of your boarding point and destination. In case you are booking early, you can also add the date of your travel. The flight search engine proceeds to list out all the flights available on that particular day to the chosen destination. You can choose the best one that suits you and proceed with the booking. Alternatively, you can provide a range of dates and choose your date of travel when the rates are the lowest.

You can look for discount coupons that the search engines have in plenty. This will help you save some money. Some of the search engines offer discounts in the form of eCash. You will be able to use these eCash vouchers when you book a subsequent flight ticket from the same search engine.

You can choose your seats so that there will not be any need to rush to the airline counter before boarding the flight. Some of the seats might cost you a bit more. It depends on your choice. However, this is also a good advantage of booking tickets online.

Making the payment is very easy. You have to use your credit card or net banking details and make the payment. There are discounts available at this juncture also. Hence, you gain a lot when you book tickets online. You receive your ticket by email. Take a printout and use it to board the flight on the D-Day.

·         Use the airlines website:

The procedure is very similar to the one described above. There is only one difference. You will not be able to compare the rates of different flights on the day of your intended travel. But, if you are sure of your date and the airline company you want to travel, you can proceed with the booking. This is also a simple way to book Chennai to Delhi flight tickets online.

·         Book early:

It is no brainer that booking tickets online early is extremely beneficial. The earlier you book, the cheaper is the fare. It is only when you come nearer to the date of travel that the costs start moving upwards.

·         Book return journey tickets:

The online method of booking airline tickets allows you to book return tickets at the same time you book your onward journey. You get the benefit of attractive discounts when you opt for a round trip.

·         Avoid weekends and holidays:

Weekends and holidays see a lot of air traffic. Hence, it becomes difficult tobook Chennai to Delhi flight tickets online. The best days to book your tickets are Tuesdays to Thursdays.

So, what do you feel? Is booking tickets online difficult? No one will ever say so. The experience of booking your tickets online is such that you will enjoy it. The 5 tips provided above will enhance the pleasure levels.

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