Don’t Deal With Car Accident Claims Southern Oregon Alone

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No one wants to work against their car insurance company to get the money that they think their car is worth. It is more than a hassle. The entire process can drag on and on and be a significant life stressor. When you have to submit car accident claims southern Oregon, you want to have as much knowledge as possible at your fingertips about your vehicle.

Knowing the value of your car before the accident occurred is the key to getting the amount of money from the car insurance. Before an accident happens, you can get an appraisal of your vehicle. This will allow you to know exactly what the car is worth on the market, not what the insurance says it’s worth.

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An appraisal gives you documentation of every detail of your car and a comparison of comparable vehicles from an extensive database of sales. Your appraisal is going to be done by an experienced professional who has years of experience working with collector cars. They will give your vehicle a thorough once-over, take photographs, and develop a written report that independently verifies the value of your vehicle if it were to be sold on the current market.

With the appraisal, you’ll be able to confidently approach your insurance company to settle your car claim. If you bring the appraisal to an insurance company and purchase an agreed value insurance policy, you will be assured of getting the value of your car (not the insurance company’s version of what it would bring in on the market) in the case it is stolen or damaged.

An appraisal can also tell you what your car is worth after an accident. This is important if you’re going to try to sell the vehicle. You can present it to the buyer to verify that the price you’re asking is what the car is actually worth after its damage and subsequent repair.

After an accident, you can also work with an appraisal to help you get a fair settlement within the limits of your insurance policy by helping you to establish the Prior to Loss value of your car if you have filed a total loss claim. Your insurance company won’t be in as strong of a position to pay you as small a pay-out as they can.

So when you’re dealing with car accident claims southern Oregon, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you work with your insurance company to get a fair payment for the true market value of your vehicle.

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