Enjoying the beauty of the sand dunes

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The picture of the desert which you have in your mind may be scary as the place without water and food. Yet, there is another side of the picture in Dubai. The rays of the morning sun playing on the sand dunes giving beautiful scenery for the visitors to behold in their eyes of the Desert Safari Dubai. The greatest artist of all times paints quite a different scenery in the evening when sun starts setting in the west on the horizon behind the sand dunes to make you think that you are standing at one of the most  beautiful places of the world.  Such is the might of the beautiful desserts and surely you will wish to be a part of this scenery.

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Types of safari

  • Safari trip in the morning: The best timing to go for Dubai Desert Safari is to visit the sand dunes of the desserts when the night is giving way to the dawn. When the source of all energy and life is rising on the horizon and providing warmth to the chilly cold of the desserts. As the sun starts rising from the backdrop of sand dunes the scenery starts changing from black to maroon and to all shades of orange and yellow. The entire sand of the desserts starts basking in the sun rays and creating the scene as if you are standing at the place where gold grains has covered the land and the sand dunes seems to be the dunes of gold. You cannot forget this scenery all through your life if you happen to witness it once.
  • Safari trip in the evening: If you are not an early riser and want to go for the famous malls then you can go for the Desert Safari before the sun sets in the west. The evening safari provides the different scenery in the evening and the driving in the sand is sure to give the thrill you were looking forward from this trip.

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