Fight, Hide or Embrace Wrinkles

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Most of us don’t celebrate wrinkles, but we live with this sign of aging anyway. Learn to hide, fight or embrace your wrinkles with this wrinkle tool kit.

Wrinkles are a dreaded sign of aging. Even if you don’t care about aging, you may not welcome the change in your face. After all, a wrinkled face does not look like the same old you. As with any beauty dilemma, the choices are to embrace it, fight it or hide it, sometimes all three at once. Sheridan London clinic is my go to place whan it comes to anti ageing, but you can also try these tips to fight the dreaded wrinkles.

Hide It’s not easy to hide wrinkles well, but it is possible to diminish their appearance. Foundation can be your developing wrinkles worst culprit.

You might still have oily skin, but that foundation you’re using to absorb oil is going to look like a magnifying glass on your wrinkles. Experiment, and especially try age related formulations — they really do work miracles.

Fight It takes a bit of patience, but miracle creams do exist. RetinA, Renova and the ever-popular Botox injections really do erase wrinkles to a significant degree. I’m not a Botox fan, but the milder creams work well too. They just take a bit of patience.

Don’t expect the timely results you might from Botox, but they also don’t come with the same risks. Sunscreen is still your best ally against deepening current lines and gaining new ones. Use a moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen built in to make it a no-brainer. Don’t forget your neck. It’s just as vulnerable as your face and more of a tell-tale age indicator.

Embrace Stop laughing. It is possible to embrace your body’s signs of aging now as much as you did at 16 when you couldn’t wait to change. If you’re able to stay in touch and honest with yourself, age really does bring some amazingly beautiful inner changes.

And if you’re an exerciser, it’s possible to look more fit as you age than you did in your youth. Women appreciate wrinkles on a man’s face as a sign of his maturity and that he will be a more confident loving partner. Why not give yourself the same nurturing view?

Whatever stage of life or self-acceptance you’re in, find beauty in what you see or learn what you can comfortably do to find it. A beautiful body is a lovely place to live.

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