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The world as we know is running very fast.New technological advancement almost every dayis making peopleto stop worrying about the environment.That’s why natural resources are being depleted, the ozone layer is being punctured and there is pollution everywhere. But this is the time when the change needs to appear in the generation. You can start from anywhere whenever you want. You can start it by turning your house eco-friendly. Approximately 45% of pollution comes from the houses.

You can get your house designed in an environment friendly way. Not only it will prevent environment from the damage but also helps in maintaining good health of the people living inside it. It will also be more comfortable and energy efficient.Mentioned below are some suggestions for theeco-friendly interior designof your house:

Building materials:The recyclable products like recycled wood or rubber should be used for the flooring. The materials must be with the minimum carbon footprint and must be from sustainable supplies.

Energy Efficient:In the modern house, energy efficiency must be considered as the top priority of the owner. You can use solar panels instead of regular supply of the electricity. Secondly, good insulation can help a lot in saving energy. Applying good insulation methods in your house will help you to save a lot of energy for air-conditioning of the house.

Water conservation:You must try to save water by managing its usage efficiently. You can take advices from an environmental expert to get the water system designed for your house. You can even learn new methods of how to utilize waste water. You can also notice the dripping taps and get them replaced.

A well designed eco-friendly house will make you and your family live a healthier life without creating much impact on the environment. This will also give good standards to your life style.

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