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Oil becomes an essential part of our life. The demand for oil is increasing day-to-day in all over the world. By the high demand for oil, oil and gas companies are regularly hiring. There are so many workers work continuously in the oil field but this field is very dangerous to work or survive. Due to the pressure of extra workload, the workers choose shortcut method to do and this is the big reason that causes an accident. According to the survey, it is estimated that 3.2 deaths happen for every 100,000 workers and this is very high in number. If you or a loved one facing such problems and you want compensation then, Fischer & Manno is always ready to help you and provide compensation for the company.

Types of Oil Field Accidents:

  • Collisions – Traffic accidents are the main cause of job-related deaths among oil and gas workers. Most of these accidents occur when companies transport workers and equipment to remote locations.
  • Explosions and fires – Many fires and explosions occur when high- pressure lines leak or burst. Flammable vapors and gases at onshore and offshore drilling rigs can easily ignite due to friction heat, open flames, hot surfaces, etc.

Fischer & Manno is the great law attorney. They have the proper knowledge and have many years of experience to handle such situations easily. The main motive of Fischer & Manno is to provide rights and compensation to the worker or the family of the worker. They give their full efforts to search all information about the accident then, they work hard that helps them to win the case. When you take service from this then you will get full satisfaction with assurance. The price of their service is very reasonable and can afford by every person easily.

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