How to Attract Generation Z to Your Online Fashion Store

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Suddenly Generation Z is growing up. Somehow, those kids who played with their parents’ iPhones and iPads are taking over the economy, coming into their 20s, and they’re a major consideration when it comes to your online fashion store’s marketing strategy. Sure, you’re already killing it on Instagram in terms of pictures of your products–you are a fashionista, after all, and aesthetics is your gift–but you know there’s more you could be doing, like using the right hashtags for your Instagram posts to get their attention.

It’s almost 2020, which means it’s time for you to attract the generation that completely relates to social media movies like Ingrid Goes West and People You May Know, but that’s also socially aware of the importance of progressive hiring practices. And here’s how:

1 Make it about the experience–both in person and online

Sure, you’re an ecommerce store and based online. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t metaphorically bring your store to Gen Zers. Already, according to, “Almost 80 percent of Generation Z holiday shoppers do online research before making a holiday purchase, even for products that cost under $50. As the price of the goods increases, so does the percentage who research before they buy.” For this very reason, larger online chains are starting to combine brick-and-mortar style strategies, such as Amazon’s use of Prime Wardrobe, where customers can try on clothes and send them back for free–paying only for the ones they decide to keep.

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Obviously, not all of us are, and can’t afford to be so generous. But with a generation that’s always using Uber to get around and using autonomous in-home technology like Angee, you may want to consider creating a free sample program, or something like Azazie’s sample dress experience.

2 Curate your brand

According to Vision Critical, Millennials and Gen Zers use their smartphones fairly equally, with an average of 14.8 and 15.4 hours a week, respectively. So all those social media strategies you’ve been using to draw millennials? Use them, but make them even more intense. For example, it’s not just only about activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anymore–you’ll also want to create stories on Snapchat, and if there are any lessons you can provide, make a Youtube channel about it (for example, how to match one of your 80s-inspired purses with clothes they already own).

Not sure where to start? Read this guide on the branding trends of 2018, to know exactly what aesthetics are the most popular now–because whatever is most popular is whatever Gen Z is doing.

3 Make it about the phones

Considering that we spend over 4 hours a day on our smartphones on average and Generation Z is the “on-demand” generation that’s grown up with access to whatever they want whenever they want it, you need to implement phone use with your ecommerce store. Don’t have an app where customers can buy your products? Get one, and make sure your logo is one that will look both on your website and on the app. Don’t have a way to communicate with your clients over the phone, preferably over text? Then consider using an app like Avochato.

Additionally, get interactive. If you’re an online jewelry store, create a selfie app where your consumers can try on the jewelry they’re considering buying and match it to different looks. Check out Jewelfie for more.

4 Be ethical

Sure, Gen Zers might be the on-demand generation, they might not have much patience when it comes to waiting for their online purchases to arrive (one day max, really, is their expectation)–but they’re also highly ethical. That means that when it comes to the environment, social equality, and improving lives around the world, they have high expectations, which in turns means there’s going to be pressure on all players in the economy to up their ethical game.

According to Precision Dialogue, 80 percent of Gen Zers are more likely to buy a product if it has a positive social or environmental impact. So if you want to sell lab-made diamonds one instead of ones coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also get more sales from this emerging customer base, and not have to cause any of the ethical problems occurring in the blood diamond industry.

The fact is, there are many ways that you can attract Generation Z to your online fashion store. It’s all about understanding their needs, which stem from the fact that they’ve grown up as a generation connected to each other and to the rest of the world. Whether that means hiring all your employees with generous benefits and posting about it on Instagram or making the online shopping experience more fun, it’s the way of the future. So it’s worth investing in.

How do you think you’ll attract Generation Z to your online fashion store?

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