How to Plan A Menu When Camping Or 4-Wheeling In Australia

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When you’ve got your portable gazebo all set up and the camp squared away, there’s no better reward than settling down to a meal. However, when you’re out in the wilds, you just can’t call for take-out or delivery. You are going to have to come up with meals yourself. If you have several days of outdoor camping, then you are going to have to plan your meals accordingly. Here are a few guidelines that you will want to follow to ensure that your meal planning is a success.

Take Note of Australia’s Quarantine Laws

The Australian territories can be strict when it comes to quarantine. This means some products are restricted from crossing the borders of some territories. If you are staying in just one territory then you are most likely fine. However, if you do, you should know what fruits and vegetables are restricted. This is to ensure that pests and diseases that can be found in these products don’t ever manage to spread.

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Determine What You Are Planning to Eat

Now that you know some of the restrictions, you should then move on to know exactly what you are planning to cook for your camping trip. Take a look at what you usually eat and think of meals that you can cook with little fuss. This ensures that you will like what you eat and there’s little fuss.

Take not though that you may want to think about having access to ingredients. For example, if you are hunting or fishing, you might want to just opt for fish meals or simple barbecues. This can supplement the food that you bring along.

Make a Shopping List

Now that you know what you are eating, then you will need to do some shopping. The thing to remember is that you will be bringing this food along so you need to be creative at times. This is to ensure that you maximize space. This can also force you to change your menu. For example, you might find it easier to bring along a couple of pounds of ground beef, instead of various pieces of meat.

Get The Right Gear for Cooking

Another thing to do is get your gear for cooking. Your camping plans may have a campfire for your main heat source, but you will still need some equipment for your cooking. For example, if you are grilling, then you will need a metal grill for doing so. Additional things you might need are pots and pans. Try to limit your cooking utensils though. You don’t want to carry multiple pots and pans on your trip.

Other things to remember are the tools like knives, chopping boards, and more for your cooking. Having these around should make food prep easy.

Do Prep Beforehand

Finally, you may want to do some preparation beforehand. For example, you may want to pack spices in measured ziplock bags. This way, you can just open it and empty it. Other things you can do are marinating meat, peeling vegetables, and portioning out the ingredients. Do this all at home to make cooking quick and easy. Setting up an outdoor kitchen while camping is so much easier when you bring a portable gazebo with you. Visit 4WD Supa Centre for your different choices.

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