How to Tackle a Car-Accident Situation

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Car accidents can be detrimental not only to your body and vehicle but also to your wallet. The panic and injuries from the accident can affect your decision-making capacity. Due to the enormous continent of ignorance that surrounds such accidents, victims often lose out on their insurance aid. In case you find your car damaged in an accident, this guide will help you deal with the aftermath thoughtfully.

Since prevention is better than cure, read these steps to help yourselfin case of a car-accident situation.

Collect Information

The first necessary step in such a situation is to talk to the opposing party and collect information. Take their full name, contact details, details about the vehicle like the car model name, number, colour, etc. You also require information about your driving license, license plate number, insurance company, policy name and number, and similar details. It is suggested that you should not discuss the fault factor during this exchange of information with the other driver.

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Record the Accident Details

This step involves collecting substantial proof of the entire accident, from its occurrence to its police coverage. In order to document the accident, you have to first take pictures of the scene. It involves pictures of your car, the other vehicle(s), the people involved, and similar photos. Since photos are the real evidence, you must take pictures from every angle. You have to take down witnesses names and contact information to aid you in further investigation. Keep an identification record of the police members involved in the coverage. Get a copy of the report which the police prepare.This will help you with the insurance for auto accident care in Oklahoma City.

Communicate with the Insurance Company

The next best thing to do is to notify your insurance company about the accident. You should call them as soon as you get free from the first-aid and documentation. Give them the complete details along with the documented accident report, if needed.

There are many details involved in a car insurance claim. Insurance for auto accident care in Oklahoma City makes it simple for you to act in a car-accident situation through this information. It is imperative for you, as a driver, to be aware of the following points:

  • You are entitled to get paid for all the damagesto your carand personal property like clothing, etc. This happens if the accident occurred entirely due to the other driver’s fault. It does not account for the items lost or stolen during the accident.
  • You will be paid the full amount for car repairs, regardless of whose fault caused the accident.
  • If the insurance company of the other person accepts responsibility for the accident, then they will pay for your car repair.
  • In case the car’s sale value after the accident is less than the repair costs, it is called a “total loss”. In such a situation, you will have two options:
    • to accept the total value of loss and keep your car
    • to accept the total value of loss in addition to the salvage amount and give the car to insurance company

An accident can render even the most experienced driver indecisive and frazzled. It is best to read through this guide and prepare yourself for the worst.

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