Hypnotherapy Can Relieve Stress – Fact or Fiction?

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Occupational and psychological stress can affect anyone at anytime. Occupational stress is relative to the tension and pressures we might feel due to our job. Psychological stress, involves similar difficult feelings of pressure and general emotional strain: Perhaps due to divorce, family or financial problems. Traditionally, medication is the first treatment and/or psychological counselling. Medication certainly works for some people. However, medication could be considered as somewhat akin to putting a plaster on a gaping knife wound – every day replacing the plaster. Psychological treatment can certainly give relief, as can medication. Even so, many find combining treatments with hypnotherapy is extremely effective.

Who Can it Help?

Hypnotherapy can reduce depression, anxiety, tension and stress as well as general emotional burnout. Those who ignore stress for long periods of time can begin self-medicating which is usually a sure road to ruin. One thing is clear, getting treatment before the symptoms become severe, is a positive way forward. Hypnosis can help in many different types of stressful situations. For example, even stress related to an up and coming exam is treatable with hypnosis. How? Simply by using the power of suggestion to help the person relax.

Who Can it Not Help?

Usually, a bad experience is the prevoker of stress and anxiety. The power of suggestion used in hypnotherapy is for changing/creating a different experience.  Some people cannot be hypnotised and others can find it extremely difficult. Sometimes, unrealistic expectations are the biggest problem. Hypnotherapy works through suggestion which means, to a certain extent, the person being treated must “help themselves” – Hypnosis is not a magic sleep people wake up from miraculously cured. Hypnotherapy is often combined with other types of therapy as well as medication. In the first instance, it is a good idea to discuss whether treatment might be the right approach with a doctor. They may even be able to recommend a reputable, certified and licensed hypnotherapist in the area. Cindy Galvin, who runs a hypnotherapy clinic in London UK, always recommends an initial consultation to assess the best way forward and treatment procedure.

Looking Back – The First Official Experiments

Hypnotherapy has a long history, believing to go back as far as Egypt and ancient Greece. Franz Mesmer (1734–1815), from the University of Vienna, was the first “official” person to investigate (scientifically) how hypnotherapy could help with certain medical conditions. Many feel he was the first person to realise the connection with psychological trauma and ill-health. Mesmer was also the first to treat nervous disorders such as stress and anxiety by mesmer “ising” his patients. It was his work and investigations that gave way to modern-day hypnotherapy.

After many decades of experiment and investigation, without doubt, hypnotherapy has helped many people gain relief from physical and psychological problems. It is notable, the very first scientific investigations were somewhat concentrated in the treatment of stress and anxiety. Today, with clear ethical lines and licensing the treatment for stress, with hypnosis, has never been more effective.

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