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LEED Certified Project Seattle – Why Is It Important?

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LEED certified projects Seattle is indeed a step in the right direction. It gives businesses a perfect understanding that it is possible to construct buildings that maintain an ecological balance. Also, it makes them understand that they can use the available natural resources without causing any havoc to the environment. This is indeed a large step for many people in the world. Since the human race has developed the habit of waste, fossil fuels are beginning to be depleted and the best way to prevent the inevitable from happening in the nearest future in to learn how to maximize the resources we have.

If you’re considering renovating or constructing a new building that you want to be LEED certified, it is wise to only hire an individual who is a specialist in LEED certified projects Seattle. You will find many professionals in Seattle who have the required skills and knowledge to ensure your building is LEED certified. So go find one today.

However, insurance companies place much importance on LEED certified projects Seattle. Insurance firms tend to focus on two matters which are:

  1. Renovating a building that has been in existence and has attained LEED certified status in order to surpass the benchmark set by the present standard.
  2. Renovating a building that has never for once in its existence attained a LEED-certified position in order to meet up with the standards of been LEED certified.

Certain insurance firms are proffering a solution to attend to these increased exposures by making provision for a particular sub-limit which can be altered subject to the premium cost. It is also reliant on what the insurance policy would cover. Furthermore, some insurance firms have assented to put forward a ‘green’ endorsement, provided the building has become LEED certified before the occurrence of a loss.

It is necessary that insurers who are involved in property insurance policy and offer “green” endorsement should increase the premium cost such that it covers everything including property loss and damage which does not come up in the present insurance policy. However, insurance firms that do not cover property insurance and do not offer ‘green’ endorsement are exempted from obliging these requirements.

Many insurance firms have bought into the idea that making your building reach a LEED certified status is a step in the right direction, particularly from a social and ecological perspective. Yet, there isn’t a lot of information to alter the premium cost range at the moment. However, it is expected that this predicament would be a thing of the past. There would be a decrease in premium cost which is dependent on the claims made on construction errors particularly connected to buildings that have attained LEED certified status which could occur in due time. This issue remains subject of interest in the insurance world. Industry players have been trying out resourceful means by which the problems related to the premium costs on LEED-certified buildings are sorted out.

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