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Major Benefits of Using a Murphy Bed

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Amongst the different kinds of beds available in the market, we have heard of wall beds or Murphy beds that enable people to have more space in the bedroom. According to historians, the concept of this bed was introduced by a man named William Lawrence Murphy. He came up with a bed that could be stowed in a closet because he wanted to have more living space available in order to court a young and lovely opera singer. He eventually succeeded in marrying her and in 1911, patented the bed design. Since then, his name has become synonymous with beds that can be folded into walls.

While wall beds are not new, they have recently gained a lot of popularity because they are a functional alternative to a conventional bed. Whether you are redesigning your bedroom in the suburbs or a professional residing in a small apartment, there are noteworthy benefits of using a Murphy bed:

More Space

Even though Murphy came up with the bed idea more than 100 years ago, the concept can still address a very important need these days; more floor space. With a wall bed or a Murphy bed, you can make better use of your wall’s vertical space and it frees up floor space of approximately 35 square feet that would otherwise be taken up by a regular bed.

Comfortable Sleep

Since their inception, there have been numerous design improvements in wall beds. Therefore, you can now use a wide range of mattresses from memory foam to innerspring. There are options in terms of mattress sizes as well, from king to twin to everything in between. These mattresses might be thinner than traditional beds, but you can find plenty of options that allow you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Lots of Designs

There are a number of aesthetic designs available when you check out the wall beds available. From lighter woods in modern styles to mahogany or deep cherry wood with more traditional lines, there are a variety of Murphy beds in Austin, Texas that can fit your furniture style preference and color scheme.

Safe and Ease of Use

For a long time, wall beds were the center of jokes and were used in various cartoons and movies as beds that simply wouldn’t stay put. This caused a lot of people to avoid them. The designs that are available today have been engineered with safety locks, which are aimed at keeping the bed in place in the wall and also on the floor. Springs or pistons offer easy lifting so you can rest assured that they can easily lifted without any help.

Multi-functional Styles

 You can opt for a Murphy bed that has been styled as a bed cabinet or go with a design that has tables, shelving, desk space or drawer space. You can think of how the room will be used and then opt for a Murphy bed style with the functionality you want. As there is no shortage of options, Murphy beds can be a huge benefit.

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