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Simple Ways to Update your Bedroom

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Do you know that bedrooms are the last thought on a homeowner’s mind when they are planning improvements? Yes, bedrooms are the least decorated rooms in the entire house. Considering that you spend a lot of time there when you relax, sleep or simply hang with your family or friends, it is a given that this space deserves a bit more love and attention. Rather than opting to have drab sleeping quarters, it is a good idea to make your bedroom a rejuvenating and comfortable retreat. The good news is that you can transform your bedroom in a few simple ways that are outlined below:

  • Use paint to spruce up the bedroom

One of the easiest ways of enhancing the entire feel of a bedroom is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Get rid of the dull walls and add a touch of bright such as a pretty coral or poppy blue that will energize your mornings. You can add an airy feel with a light gray or a bright white light. There is also an option of adding stripes or stenciling to the walls for some bold accents.

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  • Upgrade your crown molding and baseboards

If you want to make your bedroom feel more custom and luxe instantly, upgrading the baseboards and crown molding is the way to go. Most homes tend to have orange-brown boards, which don’t work with many design styles and feel dated. You can either paint them white or install new ones altogether for a lighter and brighter feel.

  • Think about changing your bed

Your bed is your safe haven; it is the place where you crash after a long day or just snuggle in when you don’t feel like getting up. But, how long have you had it? It is true that beds can last for a long time, but if you have had it for longer than 5 years, it might be time to change. You can find plenty of new designs in various new materials. You can check the variety online at websites like Murphy Beds and then make your choice as per your budget. It will give your bedroom an instant uplift.

  • Get some new linens

Why don’t you treat yourself and get some new linens? There are plenty of luxurious options and you can also get a new comforter set and duvet in a pattern or color that inspires you. Say goodbye to the lumpy pillows you have had since forever and buy some hypoallergenic ones to get a good night’s sleep. Plan your room colors and the décor accents around your new bed and linens and the entire space will come together for a cohesive and welcoming look.

  • Make changes to the lighting

Almond-colored switch plates and builder-grade light fixtures make the bedroom feel boring and dated. Get overhead fixtures with a modern chandelier or pendant and bright white switch plates for a more custom look. Get new models for your bedside lamps. Choose LED lightbulbs as they are energy-efficient and give natural light.

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