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Things You Must Be Familiar With Before Installing A Synthetic Turf

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Always remember that your budget is not just the only thing you must consider in deciding in covering your lawn with synthetic grass. Fake turf installation, unlike other home improvement projects out there, isn’t just a mere short investment.  So, if you truly want to make this investment last longer, you need to choose the right thing. If that’s the case, then better get to know first these things you must be familiar with right before installing synthetic turf:

Quality must be the king!

If you weren’t aware that much, would let you feel so soft to touch with. Having said that, don’t think twice to go with polyamide/ polypropylene turfs or polyethylene yarns. Apart from that, excellent quality of turf would back evenly as well as do have consistent hue. Though quality synthetic grass Sydney for backyardscan be costly, you just need think that it is a good long-term investment.  Hunt for suppliers and manufacturers, which have a wide selection of products. Try to compare turfs from one company to another company.

If you opt to buy online, try to contact Australian Synthetic Lawns at http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au and ask some samples so you are rest assured that you are getting the best stuff. Bear in your mind that turf sample usually comes into small sizes and may not even give you the same exact overview of the product.

Know first the traffic.

Before you make any purchase, identify first the amount of traffic on the place you’d like to install synthetic grass with. When you have children or pets around who’d love to play outside, you will need to install highly-durable synthetic lawn.

Consider weight and density.

When you say turf density, you should know that it is the measurement of the fibre amount or even yarn per square of the artificial lawn. Dense turf, which contains more yarn is costs more.

This is the one responsible in providing an aesthetic appeal. They are more durable for heavy traffic areas. When you can’t afford for dense turf, fret no more because performance and longevity turf lesser density could be enhanced through sand infill.


Pile height must be prioritized too.

It simply pertains on how long the grass blades right from the backing down to the top. Select which has taller pole height that seems so logical if you are aiming with that lush-looking yard. But the thing here is, glass blades which are longer tend to heavier. And because of the gravitational pull, they will surely bend themselves. When that happens, your dream lawn will look plain and boring.

Backing and infill is also essential.

Specifically tailored to be infilled for the maintenance of its lush-looking appearance, synthetic grass greatly helps in maintaining your artificial turf springy. Sand and rubber crumb are just some popular infill materials. You have all freedom to pick which one best suits your needs and preference.

Color, color, color

Artificial grass for cricket pitch from Australian Synthetic Lawns typically comes on different shades of green such as lime green, olive green and etc. Inexpensive turfs come on single flat green shades as well as can identify from real grass.

As much as possible, you should keep yourself from buying from perfectly green turfs. Choose those imperfect ones and get a turf, which has various shades too with some brown strands too.

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