Things You Must Have for Your Takeaway Business

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Starting up a new takeaway business can be both an exciting and an overwhelming time!

There’s so much to think about, from menus to ingredients, customers and marketing. You’ve probably got a million things on your mind right now. We’ll take some of the stress off you with our rundown of the vital things you must have for your takeaway business, so you don’t need to worry about what you should be stocking up on! If you’re just starting out and need some more tips on opening a takeaway restaurant, check out this article  with loads of helpful, practical advice. We’ve summed up the essentials you need to have to get your takeaway business running smoothly!

Choosing Food Containers

When you’re running a takeaway, the first thing you need to stock up on is food containers. Otherwise, what are you going to send your delicious dishes away in? But you want to get some great  plastic food containers with lids that will hold your food securely and keep it sealed in. They need to display your food at their best and at the same time be convenient and easy to open and reseal. You need food containers that are both affordable and available in a range of sizes – being stackable is a bonus too.

 Plastic or Styrofoam Containers?

In the past, Styrofoam containers were the go-to for all takeout restaurants. But they don’t have the best image – which impacts on your business image in general. Styrofoam is often thought of as cheap and a bit tacky. Styrofoam containers don’t contain oil or grease well and they certainly don’t look great. In comparison, clear plastic food containers with lids definitely come out on top. They’re resealable and even reusable, they contain heat and odours much more effectively than Styrofoam containers and they are less likely to leak.

 What Else Do You Need?

When you are running a takeaway business, you need to think about other essential supplies. You’ll need to choose whether you’re going to use plastic or paper bags to pack your orders into. What will be durable and strong enough? Is being environmentally-friendly a big concern? If so, opt for paper bags. You’ll also need a supply of napkins and some single-use cutlery. There are many disposable cutlery options including eco-friendly utensils. You might want to have disposable cups and cup trays on hand too if you sell drinks.

So, there you have our rundown on the essential supplies for your takeaway business. When you’re getting your supplies together, make sure you calculate how much you’ll need – then order in more! The last thing you want is to run out of anything. For the best takeaway containers, opt for plastic food containers with lids. And stock up on all the other important supplies like napkins, disposable cutlery and paper or plastic bags. Having the best products you can rely on will make it easy for you to get your takeaway business running and bringing in profits!

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