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Thinking of Bringing A Dog into The Home

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Making the decision of whether or not to bring a pet into a home is something that must be considered very carefully before proceeding. When most families start the process of making the decision to bring a pet into the home their first thought is to get a dog or puppy. There are several reasons for this including the fact that dogs are the most popular household pet, and have been for a while as seen here.

Once the decision to bring a dog into the home has been made the next few decisions will be affected by a variety of factors. One factor to consider is whether or not the home that a dog will be brought into will have children or not. Dogs with children can be a lot to handle but can also offer several benefits. One benefit that may not be immediately clear is the positive effect a dog can have on the human immune system. The research shows that children who grew up in households with dogs develop things like allergies at lower rates than children who grew up in households without dogs. Another benefit that a dog can bring to a household with children is the ability to teach a child responsibility. Having to feed a dog, give it water, and pick up after it, may seem like simple chores, but can teach children vital skills such as seeing a task through to completion.

If you plan on bringing a dog into a home with children, you will want to pay particular attention, to the breed, size, and demeanor of the dog. Many larger dogs can be gentle giants, and make great companions, but it is usually a good idea to introduce the dog to any children in the home in a controlled environment before making the final decision to bring the dog home. Having to take a dog back because it is too aggressive towards children is something that nobody wants to do, and can be very emotionally taxing, so in general it is better to avoid this scenario.

Another factor to consider is how the dog will be cared for during the day, many households have two working adults and children who go to school which would leave the dog alone during the day. This would be of most concern in very warm or very cold climates, because the owners would not want to expose the dog to the harsh elements. One solution to this problem is to leave the dog inside the house, however most people do not trust their dogs to this extent and it also leaves the dog nowhere to responsibly relieve itself. Another good option is a high-quality kennel that will protect the dog from the elements. These kennels can be a good option that allows the dog to get out of the heat of the sun or the snow while the rest of the family is away at work or school. Regardless of the option chosen to accommodate the dog the most important factor will be that the dog is part of a household that loves and cares for it.

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