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Choosing Springfield Traffic Tickets to legally represent your case will help ensure that your charges are dropped or significantly reduced. The average person simply doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to defend themselves in court, nor do they have the time to show up in the first place without messing up their schedule. All of this is our job.

We are the professionals you can rely on to represent your case. When you choose Springfield Traffic Tickets, you can have peace of mind knowing your case is in the hands of the experts.

A traffic violation doesn’t have to interfere with your schedule. Often times, you don’t even have to show up to court. Getting your case finalized can be as simple as filling out some paperwork and paying an invoice.

We will help ensure that your traffic ticket is dismissed, or that your charges are greatly reduced.

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Why Choose Springfield Traffic Tickets for Legal Representation?

  • We Will Streamline the Process: As stated above, legal representation for a traffic violation often means you don’t have to take time off of work, or miss other important obligations, to show up to court. We will go in and represent your case for you. We also know all of the tricks to get your case finalized as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We Are Legal Experts: We know what to look for on your ticket. We can spot things the average person will miss, including errors that can get your ticket dismissed right away. We can point to evidence that will prove your innocence, or show that the charges against you are false, unfair, or overblown.
  • We Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Charges: You would be surprised to learn just how often a traffic ticket gets immediately dismissed during pre-trial when a professional legal representative is there to argue a case. Short of that, we are likely to get your charges significantly reduced, or negotiate them in such a way that they don’t affect your record.
  • We Know How To Challenge Evidence: Perhaps evidence that has been brought against you was improperly obtained. Perhaps the officer’s testimony is not consistent with the information found on your ticket. Whatever the case may be, we know how to speak the legal language, and make the right moves.
  • We Will Help You Avoid Unnecessary Problems: We can help prevent problems before they happen. Unlike the average person, we know what to look for in the fineprint, and make sure you aren’t signing anything you don’t fully understand. We will make sure your legal troubles don’t drag on longer than they have to.

So, What Is The Process?

Simply provide us with your ticket information, and we can get started. You can send us this information through our website, fax, email, or simply bring it into the office in person.

Once we have what we need, we get to work on establishing our pre-trial motions to the judge. This is the time in which the officer who issued the ticket has not been subpoenaed, and the judge is there to hear our case. Oftentimes, these pre-trial motions alone are enough to get a ticket completely dropped.

Some things we look out for on your ticket that could get it dropped include:

  • The statute cited on the ticket
  • When the ticket was filed
  • Markings found (or not found) on the ticket
  • Errors or mistakes on the ticket

If your ticket is not dropped, we still have plenty of things we can do. We set to work establishing more motions to present during trial. During this time, the officer who issued the ticket we be present, and we can engage in cross-examination of the officer. This often leads to a dropped ticket, or a large reduction in charges.

Our attorneys know how to negotiate your case in a way that will help you get the best possible outcome. If we can’t get your ticket dropped, we can get the charges reduced, and make sure they don’t affect your driving record.

Springfield Traffic Tickets are the experts you can rely on. We will make sure your case is resolved quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with your life.

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