What Makes a Movie Trailer Good

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With increased social media popularity, movie trailers have great importance in any movie-making industry. Trailers should be looking better rather than how high students in After-Effects made them. Before, two-minute movie trailers were just to be seen before the real viewing of the film.

Today, countdowns exist for the release and special viewings of trailers once they have been made available. However, it is always important know what can make a movie trailer epic while others underwhelming. Here are some of the top five features that makes a movie trailer good:

Top 5 Attributes of Good Movie Trailers

  • A Movie Trailer is Humble

A movie trailer such as that of Transformers, if you happen to view it, practically screams at you, “This is the best movie you will ever watch in your entire life.” The best movie trailer doesn’t have to be the one that need reviews from critics or titles that are over-stated to show you that the movie is good.

For example, the upcoming movie trailer, The Hobbit, can easily get reviews from critics. However, the producers let the trailer speak for itself.

  • The Trailer Sets up the Premise

Trailers give information on the plot of the movie. A successful trailer fixes the sweet spots of the movie in between its scenes. It tells what will happen in the movie without a give-away of any crucial points. The Harry Potter movie has always done a good job in giving the sweet spots. The trailers also act as a reminder of where you left it off earlier on.

  • Introduces Characters

Good trailers focus on two or more characters that might get audiences excited. The more the surprises are kept from the audience, during the movie itself, the better reaction it receives.

For instance, in the Dark Knight trailer, both good and evil are showcased in the movie. However, the trailer doesn’t go into depth, telling specific traits of characters. The work of an audience is to figure that out, making it more exciting and powerful.

  • Awesome Music is Featured

Music has the power to make or break a movie trailer. It doesn’t have to be dramatic in any way. The music should genuinely reflect the mood of the movie. In the movie trailer ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ The Arcade Fire is featured. With that song, the movie was taken from being a children’s film to something adults would love to watch.

  • The Mood of the Movie Captures

Good movie trailers also focus on the mood and emotions of the actual movie rather than the plot. It excites the audience, selling them into the world of the upcoming movie.

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